How to choose men’s bracelets

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Vanity is not just a woman. Man also wants his share. More and more men are attentive to beauty, to look …

The jewels in history

If we go back in time, thinking about the use of jewels in history, we realise that they were mainly used to give man more authority and power. So much so that until 1700 there was no big difference between men’s and women’s jewelry. In fact, high-ranking men often wore both pearls and diamonds. In our time, the use of men’s bracelets is a growing trend, but they no longer have to do with power. They simply enter into their own look, they are a precious detail to give charm and elegance to the wearer. And more and more are seen on the wrists not only of kids, but also of over 50s.

A growing trend

Over the past 30/40 years, the bracelet has grown. In fact, the first men’s bracelets were very functional and durable, mostly in steel and gold or in chain links and with marine motifs such as sea knots, anchors, wind roses … Subsequently, leather bracelets or rubber with silver plate or other motifs also in silver appeared. We now have a much wider range of shapes, materials and colours. So much so that sometimes we go a long way from the initial simplicity.

My vision

My advice is always to not lose sight of your personality, your physical structure and good taste. I am convinced that using these precautions there are very pleasant solutions for men. For this I have created a new collection of men’s jewellery that I will soon introduce to you.

Devis Palazzi bracelet

This bracelet mounted on an elegant shamballa cord of oriental origin, with squares of chrysocolla, a stone with the colours of the depths of the sea obtained from a mineral present in different Italian deposits, and rose gold and brown diamonds, combines in the best way which are the beauties and excellences of East and West. The green-blue of the chrysocolla is accompanied by the refined slightly amber beauty of the brown diamonds and pink gold. Here creativity marries the colours of the Italian seas with the warm African colours, in a perfectly successful combination. Would you like to know more?