How to choose the right diamond for you

Buying a diamond is not an everyday thing. A decision that must be weighed, discussed and evaluated well. There are several factors to take into consideration: the type of diamond, the setting, the shape, the type of jewel that best matches your style, if yes it is a special event … and of course … the budget available.
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Let’s talk about solitaire

It certainly depends on you and on the occasion for which you decide to buy it. If the occasion is an engagement, then I would opt for a solitaire diamond! In fact, since ancient times the gift of a ring has been the seal of a promise of love. If we think of ancient Rome, the ring symbolized union, the desire for a mutual commitment between two lovers. But the solitaire diamond began to be used with this symbolism starting from 1400. The custom of wearing the ring on the left ring finger probably derives from an ancient legend: from the belief that the vein of love started from the left ring finger and went directly to the heart. This vein in contact with a solitary diamond guaranteed eternal love.

The value of the diamond

The value of the solitaire diamond depends on the combination of the famous 4 C’s: color (color), carat (carat), clarity (purity) and cut (cut).

The color

To choose the color of the diamond, we refer to an alphabetical scale of decreasing value starting from D. Generally you will find stones up to the color K-L. In fact, after these letters the coloring is no longer neutral. In my opinion, a good quality diamond color is F-G. They are the colors I prefer in my creations.

The caliber

The carat indicates the size of the precious stone, its unit of weight. It is an indicator of the purity of gold alloys . The Arabic term qirat means twenty-fourth part of the dirham, a coin. The term dirham itself comes from the Greek “keration” which means carob, the seeds of which were used to weigh precious stones. This was because these seeds were all the same size. A currently the weight of the carat, in the metric system, is identified in 0.2 grams . To get an idea, half a carat is already an average size and on a hand with tapered fingers it looks great.


The purity of the diamond is measured on a scale and depends on the presence of inclusions in it. Not all jewelers have pure stones (IF), since they are only 5% in the world. A brilliant VVS1 (with very, very small inclusions) is a great choice.

The cut

The cut of the diamond is the most important aspect in the choice, it is the one that gives the solitaire greater brilliance. To understand the cut it is important to rely on an expert jeweler who can advise you. In particular, once mounted, the stone is not at all easy to analyze by inexperienced eyes. My advice is always to buy only stones certified by a recognized gemological body (IGI).

The frames

I present to you some of our exclusive proposals!  18 carat yellow gold ring designed for women who love unique jewelry. It has an important central brown briolette-cut diamond, surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. Around it we find six rosette-cut diamonds set in a flush setting. Unique jewel, handmade by our goldsmith art. a> Another jewel we care a lot about, a unique ring, made entirely by hand. The central motif recalls the dresses of the ladies of the 1600s revisited in a modern key. A baroque shape in an 18-karat white gold ring, embellished with brilliant-cut diamonds set with the “crinkled” technique . In praise of beauty, emblem of personality, when we buy or commission a jewel, we always choose something that expresses a trait of us, that best represents us, that brings out something that we have inside, enclosed in our soul. Would you like to discover the jewel that’s right for you?

Request a quote and you will receive a free rendering of an exclusive project for you!