How to ignite unique emotions for Valentine’s Day

Some precious advice on how to make your loved one happy with a unique gift

February 14 is upon us and, even if most people consider it a commercial celebration, who doesn’t expect, after all, a small gesture of affection, a thought that makes you feel important? A gesture of tenderness … like that of Valentine’s Day which, according to legend, would have given a small sum of money to a girl to be able to celebrate her wedding …

But it’s not always easy to find the right gift. Often you end up looking for some famous brand or following the advertising advice of the moment. Surely a precious jewel is always a pleasure to receive it … But which one? We asked Devis Palazzi, a goldsmith from Misano Adriatico who knows about gemstones.

Mr. Palazzi, what do you think is the right gift for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a special celebration, a privileged moment to make a striking gesture, to show your loved one all your love … And often tradition has it that it is done with a precious gift. I love jewels, because each of them is unique and carries with it a story to be told, transmits the values of the heart. A jewel on Valentine’s Day is able to carry the seal of true love with it. Diamonds, gemstones, such as ruby or rubellite, the theme of the heart … are a must to celebrate the festival of sentiment.

So which gift is more associated with this celebration, rings, necklaces or bracelets?

Each client who enters my atelier brings with him his taste, his story, his desires. This is why I believe that there is no single answer. It depends on the person, their needs, the style of the person to whom the gift is given, the age, the budget … Many prefer the ring, but there is no shortage of customers who choose necklaces or bracelets …

Are there any particular shapes or stones that should be preferred for symbology?

In general, I can say that there are many who prefer the solitaire, the trilogy, the heart … for their strongly symbolic character. In particular, if we think about the gift for a woman. For example, the trilogy, made up as it is of three diamond stones, symbolises the past, present and future of the bond, that is, I loved you, I love you and I will love you. It carries with it a promise, that of forever. Or the heart, which is a symbol of love par excellence … Heart-shaped rings in ruby or rubellite, bracelets or necklaces with heart pendants and much more.

Can you recommend some gifts for a budget that does not exceed 500 euros?

Among our jewels, silver bracelets with amethyst and rose quartz come to mind:

Bracelets in 925 white silver and 925 gilded silver:

Among the Devis Palazzi jewels are there other gift ideas that are within 1000 euros?

In my collection, rings in white gold and 18k rose gold with brilliant-cut diamonds come to mind, characteristic for their particular quadrangular shape. A collection that I love very much and that required all my sensitivity to celebrate the rectangle as a geometric figure, which reminds us of the importance of inner stability.

Other proposals for a more precious gift?

The first one that comes to mind is a heart-shaped ring in 18k rose gold, with brilliant cut rose sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds. It is absolutely right for the occasion, a romantic jewel that evokes the most important emotions of our life.

Always with the heart, I propose our 18k rose gold earrings, with brilliant-cut rose sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds.

In the diamond collection, the 18k white gold ring, brilliant-cut diamonds in three different shapes, seems very appropriate to me.

Among these, the heart-shaped ring is mounted in an essential and classic structure. The brilliant-cut diamonds are set very close together, almost composing a single heart-cut diamond.

Among the exclusive jewels I would like to show you the 750% rose gold ring with natural amethyst, opal, rhodolite, peridot, tsavorite, turquoise and iolite in the centre.

Its charm lies in its charge of colours, in the style in which semi-precious stones have been set, a unique jewel that will give a little magic to those who wear it.

Turn on your emotions, unique sensations that only Devis Palazzi can convey. Each jewel is authentic and comes with its own certificate and guarantee.

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