Amethyst, the story of a myth

For its history, its blessing properties and its beauty, I really love amethyst. I would like to show you some of my creations. 18k rose gold ring. A rose gold setting with a central druse, framed with drop-cut amethysts and brilliant-cut diamonds. Earring in 18k rose gold, with central druse, amethysts and diamonds. Earring in 18k rose gold with natural amethyst, opal, rhodolite, peridot, tsavorite, turquoise and iolite in the centre.

How to choose men’s bracelets

I am convinced that using these precautions there are very pleasant solutions for men. For this I have created a new collection of men’s jewelry that I will soon introduce to you. In particular, I present to you the Devis Palazzil men’s bracelets

How to choose the right diamond for you

Buying a diamond is not an everyday thing. A decision that must be weighed, discussed and evaluated well. There are several factors to take into consideration: the type of diamond, the setting, the shape, the type of jewel that best fits your style, if it is a special event. Here are the Devis Palazzi proposals

Welcome Spring

Saturday 6 April at 4 pm Devis Palazzi will be present at the event organised by Giardino di Santa Marta in Pesaro entitled “Welcome spring 2019”. Jewels that will be presented on this occasion and worn by beautiful models.
Each guest will be honoured by the Devis Palazzi card worth € 250, which can be spent in the goldsmith’s atelier, a lottery will give away one of our gold and silver bracelet prepared for this occasion, with the symbol of the flower of life.

Dreaming of a ruby brings unexpected gifts

Ruby is considered one of the four most precious stones that exist in the world, together with diamond, emerald and sapphire. In ancient times it was believed that it was more precious even than diamonds. In any case, it is certainly one of the rarest gems, sometimes more difficult to find than diamonds.

Tradition associates it with those born in July. In fact, the ancients thought that the ruby was able to capture the power of the sun!

La Vie Est Belle: oysters, champagne and jewels

Friday 12th July will be an evening dedicated to taste and beauty. An event organised by “La Vie est belle”, in collaboration with Devis Palazzi L’atelier Orafo. We are waiting for you at 8 pm at the restaurant La Vita è Bella at piazza Ischia 1 in Misano Adriatico.

The call of the sea: aquamarine

today I would like to talk to you about a stone that recalls it and that I am very passionate about: aquamarine. It is a special precious stone because it is versatile, it can be worn by anyone, ladies or young ladies, blondes or brunettes, girls with light or dark complexions.

Greater well-being thanks to peridot

According to crystal therapy, stones and crystals can cure any imbalances of the mind and body. I am convinced that everything in nature has a meaning and for this reason everything must be looked at and deepened. But is it possible to give stones the power to influence certain aspects of our life? Perhaps it is not enough, certainly a series of factors must be put in place.

Christmas moves a magic wand on the world

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS GIVES TIMELESS EMOTIONS …Special moments: Christmas carols echo everywhere, friendly gifts, a little tenderness for the heart, to be kind, to feel the magic or just think of someone, memories of sweet moments that we keep in our hearts! There is an air of celebration, dreams and hopes. THE SECRET OF […]

How to ignite unique emotions for Valentine’s Day

Some precious advice on how to make your loved one happy with a unique gift February 14 is upon us and, even if most people consider it a commercial celebration, who doesn’t expect, after all, a small gesture of affection, a thought that makes you feel important? A gesture of tenderness … like that of […]

Gifts from the sea: pearls and corals

The sea, infinite and mysterious, gives us two extraordinary creatures that we can boast of: the pearl and the coral. Their beauty has long inspired the creativity of our atelier, so much so as to favor the creation of fairy-tale jewels … An ancient story The Pearl It arises from a calcium carbonate secretion called […]