Before even designing a jewel, I like to imagine how it will be finished. I start with a pencil drawing, painted with tempera to reproduce the colours of the stones and the glitter of gold, then proceed with the design in 3d, thus combining the artisan tradition with high technology, which allows me to take care of every little detail, obtaining a very high precision resin model.


Inside the atelier there is a highly creative space dedicated to the processing of wax and resin, equipped with a classic goldsmith banquet flanked by a 3D printer, here the MODEL takes shape. Divided into several parts, it is finished entirely by hand and assembled to check volumes and proportions, each stone is placed on its bezel, checking its perfect position.


Setting is a unique art, which is why for several years I have been entrusting each of my jewels to a collaborator with whom we share the passion for our profession.

In this ring, two setting techniques were used: flush for the 22 drop-cut amethysts and for the oval-cut central stone, while for the 40 brilliant-cut diamonds the so called “cut” technique was used, so called because the metal obtaining for each diamond the jaws, with which it will be set.


After setting every single piece that makes up the ring returns to my hands to be individually polished and then assembled. Having verified that everything matches, I proceed with the final polishing, thus enhancing all the details and stones.

In this way, I combine the use of 3D innovation with craftsmanship, creating highly precise prototypes, which allow the customer to preview the final result.

In fact, I offer an ad hoc service for each customer, completely free, creating a personalised rendering, a video of the jewel and even a 3D print. For example, if you think of a ring, the model can be worn by the customer, in this way you can better understand the style and size. This is a very important step in the processing of the jewel, it allows you to better understand whether to make changes, small adjustments, or even important changes.

A passion that has grown and deepened thanks to the arrival of my wife Manuela Monti. I believe in the importance of sharing. It is always a way to broaden one’s horizons, to better understand and to develop one’s ideas. With her, my dreams can become works of art and meet the dreams and desires of our customers.

So on this blue sea that surrounds the white constructions of the marina and laps yachts and sailing boats, my adventure as a “jewellery maker” began … in search of Beauty and Art in an enchanting setting and where Precision, Attention to detail, High design technology combined with excellent craftsmanship with fine finishes characterise the quality of all my exclusive jewels and all my Collections.

In the Atelier I have the great pleasure of accompanying the customer throughout the creation process in order to create the perfect Jewel according to his wishes and according to the Canons of Luxury: Perfection of construction and accuracy in craftsmanship.

This is the story that makes Devis Palazzi the goldsmith’s Atelier unique, a reference point for all those who wish to purchase superior quality jewels in the name of prestige and elegance and now we are pleased to present them to you and sell them in the online showcase.