The Unique Jewel is created to be exclusive as the person for whom it is intended and therefore not replicable as identical, however in some cases it is similarly reproducible with some variations of characteristics. If you want one of our unique Jewellery that you do not find as available in the store in the dedicated Unique Jewellery section, you can request a similar one by filling out the forum below. We will reply by communicating you a proposal for a similar jewel including a quote and photographic rendering. The unique jewel on request will be similar to the one present in the store, as each jewel is a unique creation, since the handmade workmanship, the exclusive gemstones in the shape and colour and the proportions are in harmony with each other, so it will not be never identical.


Il gioiello su richiesta sarà simile a quello presente nello store, in quanto ogni gioiello è una riproduzione unica ,poichè la lavorazione è fatta a mano dall’artista per cui non sarà mai identico.


    Each unique jewel is born from the passion of the master goldsmith Devis Palazzi to design original models in which the elegant games of shapes, colours and precious materials of rare beauty stand out and then continue in their creation with high jewellery artisan techniques that allow you to create jewels characterised by excellent quality of materials and fine finishes.